OU Battle of the Week - Week 6: Ojama vs. Dice

Lady Bug

Like the Wind
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this is gonna be hard to get done. if lady bug agrees we can play around 22-24 hours after this post
Sorry but I'm going to be pretty busy today, so I won't be able to play at that time. (that's like 3-5 AM for me anyway :p) Anyway, I'll probably be able to do it tomorrow (Sunday) at 4-8 PM and around 10 PM my time, which is GMT+4.
ok sorry, i thought you were closer to gmt. change of plans means i can't play today anyway. im gmt +13 and and so we have perhaps the worst timezone matchup and its likely i won't be able to play until next weekend at the earliest

i don't mind being subbed out for gr8/mcmeg or whoever came third as its pretty likely this game wont get done for a while. soz
Just delay this match till the end of next week and have the 3rd and 4th nominee winners battle out this week, where is the problem? Also, I support the best of 3 choice just like other tiers, would have loved that option for myself but oh well, future more matches = more fun.
I'm always happy to listen to suggestions for how I can run this better, but I'd rather if you pmed me and didnt clutter the thread.

For the last time, if the players want to do a best of 3, they are more than welcome to, but I'm not forcing anyone to do anything.

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